Encountering God

When we experience union and intimacy with the divine, our realization is that we have encountered God in our lives. This changes us, and we should accept the change, because we are part of something greater than ourselves. Rather than looking for something impractical, we recognize that we are a part of this greater entity.

The hardships we face daily strengthen our hearts, allowing us to be closer to God and witness His glory. Our strong hearts protect us, filling us with His light and the joy of proclaiming witness to our bountiful spirits. We receive these from the powerful goodness and mercy of God.

Our commitments to prayer and mission are not just about our relationship with God; being the bearers of His light, we are responsible to share this with all people we meet. First, we carry the torch, then pass it on for someone else to experience the glory, spreading His grace.

This takes resolve and courage; the challenges often open us to people’s ridicule, persecution, or rejection, but the internal rewards we enjoy, and experience, carry us through our own days, lighting both our paths and those we share this journey with.

This is not always easy; at times it may feel more difficult for us to do. However, when we remember the cup that Jesus drank from, our task, our journey, is doable for us. All this requires is a strong faith in God and His goodness for us. Let us share His grace.

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