You are Loved


You are Loved

 Open yourself to others and find that they love you as you are. Don’t hide behind our false images. It is the true inner you that is loved by God and is loved by others. Love others and they will love you. Love is not asking someone to love you. Love is loving as God loves.

Love opens us to others, allows our weaknesses to show, and is a silent gift from others. Open yourself as Jesus did. Take inspiration from His example. Speak of love and be rewarded. If we are more willing to see the beauty around us, love it, and accept it as God’s gift, our rewards are transformations of our lives and the lives of others. Do not fear this; bring peace and love to our world by offering this simple effort.

Money cannot bring love; only love can bring love. We cannot live alone with love, because love demands the contributions and presence of others. When we love we join others; we welcome the presence of Jesus and God.

There is something mystical about love. It is both humble and bold; obedience to love is a self-forgetting obedience that brings us more spiritual wealth than we can imagine. When we think about our first love, we remember how thrilled we were; and, when we were loved back, we sere ecstatic, overwhelmed by how special we felt. This is what God and Jesus are telling us, every day. The more love we let enter our life, the more special, the more fulfilled we feel.

You are loved. Seek the love of others and realize all the love that God gives freely.








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