All life is part of the community of God. We are united and renewed by the existence of others. God’s clear water nourishes the cardinal and the human. All God’s creatures are worthy of our respect and our love.

I am a backyard bird watcher. Nature’s wild animals spend most of their lives foraging for food. We get great enjoyment watching birds and squirrels playfully scurrying around our yards. What fun it is to watch them. We don’t think that their playful scurrying is survival in its basic form.

I am a people watcher; when at a restaurant, I sit where I have full view of the other people in the room. I get great pleasure observing their movements. Just as the birds in my backyard scurry playfully in search of food, people have their interesting eccentricities that are playfully amusing.

People and animals share the need to survive; all are creations of God. People, however, possess the ability to live by the word of Jesus. We know that this word allows us to share what some consider to be secrets; but it is not a secret; it is freely shared by all who listen silently for this word.

Jesus teaches us to love each other; we should expand this love to all of God’s creations. When all creation survives, we all survive.

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