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Trinity, a concept based on faith, not fact. But, then again, our lives are based on faith. Without faith in God, we would be floundering in the depths of the troubles in our lives. When we speak of the Holy Spirit, we are in fact speaking of God within us. This was a promise of Jesus, the only son of God, and the face of God when we pray. This way, the Trinity comes to life for us and within us.

Every time we pray to God, He speaks to us; we merely have to listen for the Spirit within us. When we are open to the Holy Spirit, we receive the outpouring of Love that God graciously gives us. That Love gives us hope that we can build on when facing the troubles in our lives. That Love is the Holy Spirit guiding us, keeping us safe. All we need to do is listen.

The only thing that we must do is open ourselves to the transforming word of God that comes to us through the Holy Spirit. As I write these words, I am picturing God; the face I see is the face of Jesus. Jesus speaks to me, giving the word that God is always within me, helping me through this troubled world.

People called me a good teacher; well, Jesus is the perfect teacher, the perfect mentor, bringing the Truth of God’s promise, God’s Love. All we need do is love God and Love our neighbor. We try to remain open to the word of God as brought to us through the Gospels and other sacred writings that god instructed man to write.

Love, Life, Hope, and Promise are all words I associate with God, because I believe that we cannot have these without the presence of God in our lives. I listen to the voice of the Spirit within me, allowing me to hear what God is saying to me. Love, Life, Hope, and Promise, God within us, the Holy Spirit within us, Jesus walking beside us.

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