I love all people, but I have a special place in my heart for those who need God’s Love. Those whom I meet in this state teach me so much about what it means to have faith in God. Together, what we accomplish is so much better than what we do alone. Together, we do God’s healing work; we heal ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. God does the healing, but together we open our hearts to His healing touch.

Many prophets in both the old and new testaments tells us that God will restore us to health and heal our wounds. In our modern world, we overlook these promises. This may be due to our being raised to be self-sufficient. I have many friends that are so willing to give help when asked but will not ask for help when they need it. Pride? Or weakness?

I am one of these people, too. So, I think I can say that it is a weakness. We are not complete people until we can work together to improve our condition, be it mental, physical, or spiritual. Jesus said that whenever two or more are together in my name, I will be among you. Not, but two or three. This should tell us something about God’s purpose.

God is not this old, bearded white man sitting on a throne somewhere in heaven. God is the creator that remains within us to heal us, to cure us, to make us whole. He does, however, ask us to do it together. When we look for healing, when we look for blessings, when we look for truth, we turn to God. The healing, blessings, and truth are meant for all, not just for one. The response from God is much greater when we join in our prayers.

 God’s work is healing, healing us and making us whole. I pray that the prayers I share with others carry the strength of our uniform call for the healing of individuals and all humankind.

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