Thy Name is Legion


“What have I to do with thee, Jesus” Luke 8:28 KJV

So asked the man filled with demons in the country of Gedarenes. Whom among us has never asked this question. Jesus, what is it that I, a poor human, has to do with You the Son of God? We all have demons; some have many, as this man did. Our legions are the many pressures of our society that press down on us and tell us how wrong we are, or how great we are. These legions tell us what to do every day, each day of our lives.

Society forces us to be sectarian. We are not allowed to be our own people. We must disagree with someone of a different religion, even if this person is a person of extreme faith. We must also distrust this person because he is from another country or has a darker or lighter skin than us. These demons are self-destructive I think that society has it planned this way so that the leaders of society can keep control. Every one of these false limits set by society drains our communities of love.

Do we know how long ago it was that the custom, the rules, of society demanded that we open our home to the stranger, to the wanderer, to the poor? It is many hundreds of years. Society forces us to exclude this person. Society forces us to distrust this person, make him an outsider, do not love him, he is evil.

If we disregard these rules, as Jesus did, we can remake our lives and those around us. I ask myself what Jesus would do; well, he lived his life against the leaders who were filled with demons.



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