No One Who Prays is Useless.

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Anna Mow, a very influential author writes: “No one is ever useless to God. No one who can pray is ever useless. There are many people to perform the needed activities, but too few to take the time for prayer. I suppose the hardest thing about being an invalid, about being “useless,” is that it is much harder to receive help than to give it. It is much harder to be still than to be active. That is why it is important to learn how to be a gracious receiver as well as a gracious giver.”

We sometimes believe ourselves to be not worthy of God’s love and attention; this is a lack of trust. We must swallow our ego and offer our lives to the grace of God. I open my meditations with the words,” Dear God, I am enthralled by the nearness of you in my life. This assures me that I am a child of God. I glory in the aura that fills me when praying. I am filled with God’s divinity when I am able to pray with others for His grace. His grace allows me to engage with others in their times of trial.

Our cultural differences are celebrated by the life of Jesus; he showed interest in all people and spoke their language. We can celebrate our differences also by accepting that all people are alike. We discover this through our prayers to God. Others discover this the same way. It is prayer that unites us; therefore, all who pray rejoice in their relationship with God and therefore with each other.

I am always both pleased and amazed by the unity of people when we remove our differences, including our definitions of religion. When we strip ourselves of our taught prejudices and realize that we are one in prayer with God, we have no real differences, no differences that God sees. God only sees the beauty in his creations – us.


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