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We are born to celebrate our liberation. Our faith in God and the reality of His presence in our lives is so great that the problems of our daily lives, our health, and our emotions are reduced to insignificant bumps in the road. All of us who live and walk in God’s light are called to spread the good news that we are liberated from earthly problems through the grace of God. Nothing in this world exists outside of His grace.

Every person, every tree, every plant, animal, or bird as different as we are share the one true manifestation revelation and that is the Grace of God and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Each one of us is the divine manifestation of God. We are born in the liberation of God’s love; all we need do is share this love with all humankind, all animals and the very earth itself. This is what God asked Adam and all his followers to do.

Our liberation from evil, the eternal gift from God, is the anchor that keeps us secure; there is nothing in nature that can break us loose from His Love and Grace. The only certainty in our lives is the love of God. We lay down our doubts and fears when we talk with God. Some people say that the time we offer prayers to God are the times that we are talking with him. I reverse this belief. I believe that through the liberation we have from God, when we pray, we are hearing His voice as he speaks to us.

We listen for His voice and are many times disappointed by the lack of an answer; but when we understand that when we pray, God is truly answering us, we understand that this communication liberates us from our worries. As a prayer minister, offering prayers to God for the needs of others is a gift that I have been blessed with. Every time I sit with someone and pray with or for them, I am healed, liberating me, me, from the trials life threatens me with.

My prayers are the words of God, liberating me from the mental stress of life.


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