z - cross

We wait. But what do we await? Regardless of our age, we wait for things as a child awaits the good things to come. We struggle to know who we are, listening to what others say. When we stand for something, we merely repeat things we have learned or read. Humankind is wired to protect what our shadows are supposed to project not what God  expects of us. We are numb to the realization of our own negativity, the negativity ingrained in us by society. Our society has made our personal egos the very foundation of our personas. We wait for enlightenment and understanding.

How difficult is it to accept that we are part of one body, and therefore, we cannot separate ourselves because we think we are different? What are we waiting for? Edith Stein, a German philosopher who died in Auschwitz in 1942, wrote that when we suffer or are happy we have our feet firmly planted in the earth, but by living a life in Christ, is to laugh and cry with all in the world who sing praise to God. This is the eternity that we as Christians are awaiting. That means all of us. Can we stop waiting for something that was never meant to be? As humans, we suffer through lives of disinterest and problematic social and political upheavals. These are not God’s plans; these are our creations.

Our basic problem of combining our diversity of culture with our unity under God seems always to be addressed by every generation. But hasn’t this been resolved by the very nature of our relationship with God? By recreating this dichotomy with every new generation, we end up waiting for God to correct a problem that does not exist. Only we make it important. What is important is how we as humans respect ourselves and each other. Jesus reminded us that we are to love God and love others. I believe that the word god and the word love are interchangeable. The love we show to others is the love we have for God. We need not wait for it; it is there for our recognition.

From the bosom of God comes the words that love is the key to our existence. All other human practices need to display this love in all that we do. Anything else harms us.



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