Its What’s Inside that Matters

1 - god within

We live in a culture where labor is no longer dignified. We are expected to rise above the fold and be better that a laborer. Yet, how many of us have a craft-like hobby. Mine is building furniture. Society has divorced us from the fact that we are crafted by God, the original craftsman. God creates, and when we create, we honor God; we imitate God, and participate in His divine love.

As one New Testament scholar wrote, “our soul, our consciousness, our love, and the Holy Spirit are one and the same concept, all belonging to God.” Think about this for a minute and add how Jesus changed this when he said that the kingdom of God is within us. Our very essence is of God. When we love someone, we are projecting God’s eternal love; when we are kind to someone, we are projecting God’s love.

Our love for each other is statement that we are living the life that God wants; we are sharing the light of his very being. Our love is God’s light for the world. I have to agree with Paul when he writes in Galatians 20 (KJV): “I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.” When we love, we open the doors of our hearts, giving our most important asset to all, everywhere.

God’s Love dwells within us to share, not to keep hidden. When we are grounded in God’ Love, we open our lives to the goodness of the world, not the evils that surround us daily. We may not be able to stop the evil, but we can not let its effect stop us from living a life sharing God’s Love.

I began this meditation speaking of the righteousness of labor and then moved into God’s Love. Our labors are loved by God. He gives the talent to build to the people who have the creativity to so. Society does not often recognize the gifts that God gives people who labor. I write; I cannot write without the love and work of the people who built my home, or the computer I write on. The love of God is expressed through people’s labor.

Love all people, because all people are loved by God.


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