Without Prayer?

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I cannot imagine what my life would be like without prayer. I try to live with this idea foremost in my mind: “Taste and see how God is in my life.” I find it easier every day to write and talk about God in my life. Perhaps, this has to do with age, but I like to think it is about my realization that what I have did not come to without help.

The comfort and blessing I have today are grounded and invigorated by the presence of God in my life. Although I spend a good portion of my day in pain, I find comfort when I am praying with others, or, praying for others. In these moments I am taking my presence out of myself and placing inside those I pray for. The Bible tells us to ask and we will receive, search and we will find, and knock and the door will be opened. This has happened to me so many times in my life, that doubting God’s presence in my life is an absurd concept.

James tells us that when we draw nearer to God, he will draw us nearer to Him. I feel this in many ways. One of the ways is when I am in distress and I am surrounded by friends and family in prayer. This is God’s way of reminding me that His presence is with us. Even Jesus needed and felt this when he entered the garden to pray and asked his disciples to join him. The comfort of their presence was the comfort of God.

Prayer is the comfort of knowing God is with us. Pray often.

A prayer from Frederick Blumhardt:

Lord our God, Almighty Father in heaven, we stand before you as your children, whom you want to protect through the need of our time, through all sin and death. We praise you for giving us so much peace in an age full of trouble, and for granting us the assurance of your help. Even when we suffer, we do not want to remain in the darkness of suffering but want to rise up to praise and glorify you. For your kingdom is coming; it is already at hand. Your kingdom comforts and helps us and points the way for the whole world, that your will may be done on earth as in heaven. Amen.



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