Treasures in Clay Jars

1 - treasures

We all face difficulties which test us; these are the outside force society puts on us. It is difficult to keep our faith in this unbelieving world. We also face difficulties within us; we are humans, not gods, and, as we age, we must face the certainty of death, the death of our human body. Can we be confident that this great test is not lost to our faith.

For me, what seems most significant is that Spirit, the divine indwelling of creation that is within us. God promises: “I will put my spirit within you, and you shall live.” If we have God’s spirit within us, we may lose our human form, but not what really matters. God guarantees this.

We worry about earning a living, making sure that we have money for our retirement. If we choose to be our own self-appointed god, then we will merely go enter our own trap, all of us, wealthy and poor. If we want to live without God in our lives, then we are imprisoned in these mortal bodies, which are self-made jails.

God’s Spirit never gives up on us. It’s God within us that loves all of His creation. When we are faced with our human frailty, it is to feel that we are alone. We can shed our concerns and turn God, who opens all doors for us, especially when we can’t see what our path of life is. It takes inner strength to believe in God’s Grace and live by it, even when we face problems.

I try to keep this positive face whenever I am our in the world. The difficult times are when I am alone in my house. I remember that I am only human, and I remember that God loves me.


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