Heavenly Gifts

1 - godly gifts

Heavenly Gifts

Without our heavenly gifts, we are lost; we are unable to endure our lives without God’s Love. This world revolves around the Love of God, not our own small ideas and desires; we are not the center of the universe, nor is the Earth, as Galileo said in 1632. Anything glorious in us or fashioned by our mind, heart, or hands is the revelation of God’s Glory, not our own earth-mired minds.

We know that God loves us; in all ways, God grows into us, if we let Him. God draws us to Him and transforms us by His Holiness, His Love , and His Grace. This is the will of God; this is why He created us. In our moments of crisis, we have many fabricated options and one spiritual option. When we have to make an important decision, we can choose to enter a darkened path, created by our own inefficiencies, or we can accept the Light of God to lead us into the plentiful life that He promises. It’s the decision between a limited earthly future or an eternal existence granted by God’s grace.

It is difficult for all of us to accept God’s will over ours; from our birth, we are trained to stand tall and be individuals unable or unwilling to accept the help of others. Even the most highly educated people think that their so-called intuitive knowledge is their own. It is not! We try to emulate these important people but cannot progress to a spiritual purpose by ignoring the grace given by God.

Richard Rohr writes, “If you can trust and listen to your inner divine image, your whole-making instinct, or your True Self, you will act from your best, largest, kindest, most inclusive self.” This inner divine image, whole-making instinct, and True Self is God within us, as Jesus promises. All of us, from the richest man in the world to the hardest laborer, struggling to feed his family, has these qualities within. They are all gift of God, gracefully, willingly given to us by He who loves us.


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