Thy Will Be Done . . .

1-thy will

Thy will, not mine.

What does this really mean? Our lives on Earth are surrounded by everything and every thought but this one. We’re not to blame ourselves for this. The societies we are born into regulate everything and every step we take. We are born; we become educated; we earn a living; we marry; we give birth to children; we die; and the cycle repeats itself from generation to generation.

My only question is: to what purpose? If we are fortunate, we can make a difference and create something beneficial to humanity, and our name will be remembered. This difference we create may make it easier for others, healthier for others, or not. But our new creation only perpetuates the inevitable cycle, changing nothing.

Looking back on the history of man on Earth, this inane cycle has been repeated since man began measuring time, and, probably earlier. There have been very few humans who have truly made a difference to us. They are the great religious philosophers and prophets, the mystics, those who transcended mankind’s rules to bring the word of God to us. Being a Christian, Jesus is the man, the prophet, the Son of God, who is most influential to me.

But how influential? I have not walked His walk. I haven’t sacrificed my bodily comforts, given up a life with family, travelled from community to community, passing the word of God. I have done what we all do; I have been an active and willing participant in the deadly, inane cycle of life. It is only now that I am retired from active work, that I can take the time to meditate on what life really means. What Jesus truly meant when he said, “thy will, not mine.”

In my daily prayer, I repeat “Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.” However, Jesus told us many times that heaven is not a place; heaven is God’s presence in our lives. God within us, individually and as a community. When we pray thy will be done, we mean God’s will. In our everyday lives, we may not be doing this; we are probably doing our will, not God’s.

Does this mean we are not faithful to God? No! We are faithful to His will. Being human, we lack the inner strength to drop what we are doing, lay down our nets, and follow Jesus, passing the word of God. Only twelve men did, twelve very special men. If Jesus called us, would we answer? It took me over fifty years to reply; that was twenty-six years ago. I am happier now than I ever was. I listened. I prayed. I meditated. I answered. I taught.

God gifted me with a wonderful, loving wife and two terrific children. Being the recipient of God’s grace, I know that somehow, I have done His will. Maybe this was unconsciously done; yet, maybe His will was for me to learn a more challenging way that His will surpasses my will. Perhaps, this made me a better teacher.

This is not an easy road; at least, not the way our society plans things for us. God opened so many doors for me to become a teacher at the age of fifty, that I know that I then began doing His will. And what a terrific pilgrimage it has been.

Thy will be done.

Thy will be done.


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