1a joy

Our pursuit of happiness is based on shallow premises. We think that there is something we must do or must have to be happy. If we look at what makes us truly happy, we find that it is our family, our friends, things we cannot buy. The joy that truly makes us happy is given by God; there is no requirement; there is nothing we have to do to gain it. It is ours with no preconditions. If we open our hearts, we gain the riches of God’s grace, receiving the fruits of love, joy, and peace.

God’s Love for us in infinite and eternal. This love is with us whatever we do, wherever we go, whoever we are. In every state of our being, God’s love remains unwavering. When we accept this and allow it to grow within us, the benefits to us are eternal and bring great joy.

When a loved one is facing struggles, remember to include God in your prayers and life. The rewarding grace is truly a calming aura that invades your very being. At times of stress, when I include God in my prayers, this calm comes over me. The physical situation may not change immediately, but the internal stress is relieved, knowing that God is holding me close to his heart.

We find it difficult to remember that in our everyday life, the material things that we covet are not the important things, which are Love of God, Love of family, love of our neighbors, wherever they are, and love of the bodies given to us by God.

Lord our God, although we feel that we not always worthy of the mercy and faithfulness you show to us, we thank you for your love and ask you to keep our hearts open for the joy of receiving Your Love and the love of all humankind.


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