Moving On

1-moving on

All of us have to eventually learn to let go of something smaller so something bigger can happen. But that’s not a religion—it’s highly visible truth. It is the Way Reality Works. This is not a religion to be either fervently joined or angrily rejected. It is a train ride already in motion. The tracks are visible everywhere. You can be a willing and happy traveler. Or not.

We tend to hold on to what we have as if to lose it is to lose our reason to live. It is only in the present moment that we ever really know: the running in the dark, the stone out of place, the broken seal, the open door, a warmth in the breast, a gush of tears, a peal of light-headed laughter, a dumb-struck, or slack-jawed stammer. We are only comfortable with what we have in the present moment.

We are called to enter into one another’s life, anoint the relationship as holy, and stay with it no matter the outcome. This gives us a strength which is not our own and is freely given to us whenever we need it. This is one of the blessings we have, when we recognize it. This was asked of us by Jesus when he said the second greatest commandment is to love one another.

Jesus did not finish his work here on earth; he left this for us to continue. Look back. Draw on your memory. Re-read Matthew 25. His wishes are clear. When we fill weak and feel we cannot do this, all we have to do is stretch out our hands to God; we will gain the answer and the strength. The kingdom of God is within us, and it is within us that we find the strength to let go of our old ideas and move on to new pastures.

We are a survivors. In the face of many odds, our lives have extended into this new day. Past events may have hurt us, but look, we always come back to a stronger life. It’s not just Jesus who is a walking miracle; He has given us the strength to be his walking miracles.

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