Love and Forgiveness

1- forgiveness

Love and Forgiveness . . . of ourselves and of others.

Ephram the Syrian in 373 said

“What shall I give you, Lord, in return for all your kindness? 
Glory to you for your love. Glory to you for your patience. 
Glory to you for forgiving all our sins.”

It is in forgiving that we are forgiven. We must see ourselves and see others as God sees us. This is the only way that we can be true to ourselves and true to God. Love thy neighbor as thy self is another of saying what Jesus instructed us to do. Can we do this . . . honestly? To be truly humble means that we must love each other as God loves us. Can we be truly humble towards ourselves and towards others?

These are the questions that we should ask ourselves on a daily basis. We can recognize the brokenness inside ourselves that is caused by either our own failures. And, can we recognize the brokenness in others that are caused by us, by what we say or what we do. Unfortunately, our best intentions and our best efforts to promote love sometimes are blurred by our own selfishness and can be hurtful to others.

We cannot avoid this; we must accept this; and, ask for forgiveness for these unintentional slights our hurts. We must also forgive others for the unintentional pains that others cause for us. This is what Jesus meant in his prayer, to forgive us for their transgressions as we forgive those who transgress against us.

Instead of just saying these automatically, if we truly live these small asks, we can be so much happier in our own lives, while bringing happiness to others in their lives. We know we are not perfect, and we know that others are not perfect. God forgives us for our imperfections. We can only do the same in the name of the Love of God.



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