I have often wondered why I have the same recurring dream; not every night, but often enough that I wonder what is going on in my mind. This particular dream takes place in the early days of a business I owned in my twenties. The people in the dream are those who worked for me then. This was twenty years before I became a teacher, making it over fifty years ago.

But this dream recurs often, and the one constant in the dream is that I am unable to lock the door to go home. I am forever stuck with an open door, customers constantly entering. I cannot get out of this time of my life. I have looked upon this dream as a nightmare, because the business ended poorly, before I entered teaching.

I read an article recently, in which two theologians are discussing the lack of concentration many people have today, causing them to have lost the ability to read a good book, participate in a meaningful conversation, or to meditate without distractions. I feel that one of the reasons for this is the availability of the cell phone; it is always dinging or buzzing with new distractions, interrupting any deep thinking we may be doing.

In this article, the subject of dreams arose, when one of the theologians said that we may not remember our dreams, but God does – forever. This caused me to think of my recurring dream and how I wish I could not remember it. But then I thought more on the meaning of this dream and why God wants me to remember this one.

The dream is always about the good times, not the bad. The bad thoughts of the dream always occur when I awake, the bad times and loss of the business are never a part of the dream. It was a good time in my life, free from any real worries. I want to say that this was a simple time of my life, a simple time, and easy-going time.

God is telling me to forget the bad part; the good part is what is important. The joy I had with the people that worked with and for me. And perhaps, God is telling me that the reason my business failed was due to technology changes and it was time for me to move on, become a teacher, and be a mentor to those looking for their own path in life.

Dreams!!! If God has chosen dreams that we remember, perhaps we should listen to God and cherish the message that God is laying before us. Try not to make things difficult, suffer the misery, rethink what could have been. We all must move on to new things, to the new doors that open in our lives. Sometimes all it takes is to open our minds and hearts to God.  

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