Deeper Spirituality

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Deeper Spirituality

Some of us search for deeper spirituality. This is not easy. Many men and women become priests or other clergy. They devote their lives to the search for deeper spirituality. They must, because they are here to serve those of us who do not have this. The question arises whether we as lay people can also attain this without going through seminary. Can we become as spiritual as a trained minister?

I believe we can, but it is not easy; we must give up something to attain this. I don’t think that it is possible in the first half of our lives, when we are beginning a family, earning a good living, maybe buying a house. Our efforts are too absorbed by attaining a material level where we are comfortable. We do not have the time to devote our lives to the study of scripture.

This can all change when we realize that we are in the second half of our lives. We can’t put an age on this, but for many it is when the children leave home. Our responsibilities are greatly reduced and if we desire and truly want spirituality, we can give up some of the things we enjoy, pursuing this new goal. I meditate daily and write about what I pray. Mostly, this is to concentrate on how our world does not recognize our spirituality. And the importance of it.

I am not an expert on the Bible; I cannot quote scripture as some can. But I do have the uncanny ability to read something, such as one of Jesus’s parables and discern what this story may have meant to the poor in His time. Many times, His stories were messages to the Pharisees and the ruling class of Jews. Very few understood what his message was.

I may not know what his message was, but I do try to relate to the life of a person without a cell phone, computer, or television. Failing this, I spend time discern what His message means in today’s world. This is the world we live in; this is the world we must navigate by using His messages, as best we can.

We may not have the education that a minister of God has, but we do have working brains that allow us to take a story, relate it to our lives, bring our lives into what we feel is the message of God, and then, live by this. Not easy, but not so difficult either.

May you use the time you have to grow closer to the messages from God. Bless you all.

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