To grow into God’s Love, we must move out of the chaos of our world and restructure our very existence to eliminate those parts of our lives that are corrosive. Without God’s Love, we are nothing but flesh and bones, believing that we are kings and rule over the dominion of Earth. How mistaken we are.

There is so much more available to us if we surrender ourselves to the reality that God is supreme, not us. The practice of Love is our purpose, not the accumulation of money and possessions. The possessions we keep during our mortal life, we lose when we die. The Love we share never dies, even after we pass from this existence to whatever is next.

People without the Love of God suffer through many negative influences in their lives. They continually worry about all that they do and all that they possess. They believe that the words what if are negative; they always perceive that something bad will happen. I believe that the words what if brings great revelations and great promises and great progress. For all of us!     

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