Healing through Mediation

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Healing through Mediation

 It’s time to do ourselves a favor and begin healing ourselves. I’m not talking about a physical ailment; what I am referring to how broken we are spiritually. We have to rid ourselves of the shackles that have weighed us down, probably since we were young. Our parents made us feel guilty about doing wrong; this guilt has prevented us from healing internally and not allowed us to have a closer relationship with God. Our perceived wrongs keep us from His loving grace.

 When Jesus was hanging on the cross, one of the thieves condemned him; one blessed him. Yes, I mean blessed, by proclaiming that Jesus did nothing wrong and did not deserve his plight. In a way, this unnamed thief is confessing his sins and praying that God would forgive him for all the wrong he did. He heard Jesus say that he would be with Jesus in heaven for eternity.

 This is a time of healing for all of us. God overlooks our wrongs and loves us as any parent would; but we may not forgive ourselves. We need to be healed; we need to realize that our perceived wrongs should not be the reasons for our insecurity and guilt. Prayer and meditation go a long way to bring peace to ourselves. Prayer and meditation bring us closer to God; bring us closer to the thief on the cross who prays that God will forgive him.

 We may not be thieves on a cross, but we are human and probably have done things we are not proud of. We must learn to forgive ourselves, and what helps us do this are the twins: prayer and meditation. Our prayers and meditations put God first. We recognize that He is the giver of grace; He is the giver of forgiveness. Let’s accept it!


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