Being Meek

1- leper thanks

Being Meek

When Jesus was walking to Jerusalem, ten lepers begged for him to make them clean. Only one thanked him and he was rewarded by a blessing to go and live his life according to the will of God. In a word, this Samaritan showed meekness in thanking Jesus for his healing. Is it possible for us, living in our world, sheltered or not, to offer the same meekness as this lowly, yet strong, Samaritan?

I sometimes think that we are so tainted by our world, that showing meekness is not possible. I sit here at my computer, writing my thoughts and mediations to share with my friends around the world. Unlike my predecessors, I can do this easily due to the technology of the computer and the world-wide web. Those that came before me had to write by hand their meditations and it could take years, or centuries, for the words to be read by others.

I might be spoiled by the comforts of living in the 21st century. I try to offer meekness every day. I am too infirm to prostate myself before God, but I do  pray to Him daily. I do meditate on how I can use the gifts He gave me to be humble and serve others. I do this through my writing and my prayers. I am one person among the billions living on this planet who know that God is with me wherever I go and whatever I do.

When I pray for others, I am thanking God, much as the Samaritan thanked Jesus, for the life that God had given me, the person I am praying for, and the common bond we share as children of God. Looking at what I have just written, I offer these thoughts as a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonders of life and the grace that God gives all of us.

I pray that you can share this meekness and thank God for the gifts he has given us. May God be with you in your thoughts and prayers today.

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