Humility and Meekness

The way of humility and meekness is counter-cultural. But the way of the servant is also the way of joy and surrender and true fulfillment. The Bible tells us that the meek shall inherit the earth. Our cultures tell us otherwise. I believe that this is so because money has become the cure-all for our ills. I will not discount the need for money, but I will deny the idea that money makes us happy and content.

I have many friends who are on both ends of the wealth society. Being a former teacher, I am at the lower end; I am happy. I see people and families who come to the food table at our church; they are not rich in monetary wealth, but they are rich in happiness, rich in gratitude, rich in willing to share what little they have with others. I am always quite thrilled when a person comes to me and blesses me for how I have served them. Being a prayer minister at church, people bless me all the time for the prayers I offer and share. My answer to both is always the same: it is what God wills. And, I will never argue with God.

Jesus tells us that whomever wants to be first, must be a slave to others. I care not to be first, and I certainly care not to be a slave; but, my service to others is a blessing. My prayers and supplications to God are always in praise of Him, always thankful for His blessings, but also asking for a gift that only He can provide. I try to make my life into one of serving God through helping others see His lighted path.

However, I also believe that God is also a servant. He serves us daily with the gift of life, the gift of His grace, the gift of His comfort when we are hurting. He who desires to be first, must serve; He who is first serves. This, to me, is the wonderful, grace=filled circle of life. God’s Life.

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