Jesus’s Love

1 - washing feet

Jesus demonstrated his love for his disciples by washing their feet. We must open our hearts to new relationships of love that include all things, the earth, all people and religions, all planets and galaxies. And as Saint Francis says, we must love all animals and plants, too; these also are God’s creations. We need to re-imagine ourselves as creatures of Love, who can only love, not hate or disrespect. This is one of the great lessons from Jesus.

 Our challenge is to bring the course of love back into a world that resists love, fears love, and rejects the cost of love. Our future depends on us speaking to those around us, within and outside of our communities; we must intercede in expressions of hate and exclusion. The price is too high, when hateful individuals decide to murder innocent worshipers. We must enrich a culture where Love trumps hate.

We must realize that forgiveness is complex and often is connected to powerful emotions. As we interact with the idea of Love conquering hate, we may find ourselves experiencing thoughts and memories that we haven’t thought for a long time. Do not turn from these; this is normal; these thoughts may unlock hidden emotions that need cleansing, leading us to greater opportunities for forgiveness.

This is God’s way. This is the lighted path that Jesus walked. This is the only way we can enrich our future. Love is the answer . . . the only answer. 


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