Love and Community


Love and Community

I have been thinking a lot about community and love. I believe in the heart of the soul when it tells me that I must be peaceful and love everyone; it is God’s way. I also believe that I cannot love God without loving the world and those in the world, as well. One of the greatest challenges of living in God’s light is to hold those I do not know as close as I hold my friends and to acknowledge life’s challenges and difficulties, but not to be overwhelmed or twisted by them.

Being mindful of this is a healthy way to combat the stress of using hate to separate people into classes. Our communities thrive when we acknowledge each other, make space for one another, and together design practices that allow all to flourish. There is no difference between me, a Christian, and the people of the world who are Jewish or Muslim, people who practice Buddhism ort Shintoism.

We are all trying to find our place in this world and our place in our relationship to God, regardless of what name we call Him, or Her, if you prefer. Personally, God is not human; therefore, he cannot be male or female. It is only through historical reference that we refer to God in the masculine. I love all people who search for God in their lives; they are true people of faith.

But. . . I also love those people who refer to themselves as atheists, or un-religious. Whether they admit it or not, they are also searching for themselves and their significance in life. God created these people; God loves these people. I can do no less. The Bible tells me to love my neighbor, leave a place for him at my table, which I take as leave a place for him in my life.

I need God’s grace and mercy in my life; I, therefore, search for those who also need God’s grace and mercy in their lives. All human beings are in this state, regardless of what they say they believe. Nobody is self-sufficient. We need each other to comfort us; we need God to comfort us.

I pray that you find comfort in your life today.

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