Great Joy and Great Love

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Great Joy and Great Love

There is great joy in this journey called life; it’s difficult and weary, but rewarding and plentiful. Many of us growl and moan, much like bears and camels. We all search for a utopia, not knowing it is within us, at least within our power to acknowledge.

When we work together, we develop our mutual talents to work for the benefit of all mankind. When we are brothers and sisters, working together, we can be successful in working for the grace that life offers. Two, or more, are always better than one, because in their mutual efforts, each is lifted to greater heights.

When we recognize that selfishness and greed only causes misery and discord, we can avoid mutual destruction. God rewards us when we love and respect each other. We are comforted by our mutual love, not by our mutual discord.

It is when we love each other the most intensely and most humanly that we can recognize how real our love for others truly is. The keenness and intensity of this love brings us joy.


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