Loving One Another

animal loveLoving One Another

The happiest and most blessed people are the ones who get up every morning and care about others, who will help someone in need or will speak up about any injustice when they see it.  Welcoming others may not be easy, but we must step beyond our fear and practice mutual hospitality that we may learn to love as God loves, knowing ourselves and each other as God’s children, our sisters and brothers.

Loving one another means we are children of God, as Jesus was, inheriting the ability to see His light in the world. And by this simple act of recognition, it becomes perfectly natural that in God’s Kingdom our life is one of relating to all of creation as mother, father, brother, sister. When we know that we are loved, we will quite naturally love in return; our hearts will respond to the call of love with gratitude and affection, with devotion and with an eagerness to please.

Together we can walk boldly toward a vision of a more inclusive and equitable future, one in which there are no more “others” — one in which there is a place for all of our beloved communities.  The idea that we are going to put less value on another person because they are different, or disabled, or because they carry an incurable disease is loathing to us.

We are taught to love one another; how can we go against all that matters and belittle the life of any other human being? The answer is we cannot and be happy and blessed.


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