way of life


It is the obligation of all of us as a member of mankind to care for one another. Every living soul is an important link in the success of mankind. Let no one be lost through negligence, ignorance or pride; but let each be continually fortified and strengthened with love to each other.

We must be persistent in this endeavor; otherwise we will fail to nourish ourselves and our earth. We must be bound by the love that God gives us; the love of and for God and the love of and for each other. This, surely, is everlasting strength against those who are more concerned with themselves than with mankind.

Life is not what we make on our own; this is just a form of ego and greed. Life is the contribution that everyone we meet, those who touched us, who looked at us, saw the beauty of God within us.

Those who touch us add to our life-giving and love-giving experiences. Those who we allow in our lives become a permanent part of our lives and have been a permanent influence on our lives. This is the way we love each other; this is the way we love God.

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