Bread of Life


The Bread of Life

Bread has been the staple of life since man first walked on Earth. Wars in Europe have been fought over the shortage of bread. For many people on Earth, bread remains a key staple in feeding themselves and their families.

Jesus sanctified bread during his last supper with his disciples.

In our modern world, the term bread means money; money has become the new irreplaceable staple of life. Bread is the world of cut-throat economies, soaring credit and debt (just look out our national debt), high costs of education, and the high cost of feeding ourselves and one another. Greed has taken over to replace the sanctification of bread.

We have sold our future to the dark side of bread. No longer are we willing to sacrifice our own comforts for the benefits of others. This is too limiting for the future of our country and the future of our own beings.

We cannot be selfish with what God provides. All is meant to be shared.

Life should be open to all; humaneness is something that is possible, only if we are willing to share, share both kinds of bread. We cannot allow greed to withhold life from those in need.

Life is a miracle. We must generate the sharing of this and organize our society to see whether we can indeed eliminate despair and suffer. Sharing is the key; sharing bread is the key; sharing the bread of life is the key. The success of our community demands this effortless deed. This is a simple request of God, simple to do.

It is when we love the most intensely and most humanly that we can recognize how tepid is our love for others. When you love people, you see all the good in them.

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