Let Your Inner Light Shine


Let Your Inner Light Shine

I remember a line from a prayer I heard, and I paraphrase: It is the simplest thing to comprehend, love your neighbor as you love yourself and discover how everything else will fall in line with what is real and true.

Along with this thought is the realization that we, as mortals, are not the final answer; there is a power greater than us that watches over us, not wanting to interfere in our abilities to do what is right to assure fraternal love and life. It is this love that allows us to venture into areas that are on thin ice. We want what is good for us and for what is good for the world; or should I way what God’s will is for both.

In a story written by Plato, Socrates says that in order for us to be healthy, in mind and body, we must first assure that the soul, or in my words, the spirit, is healthy. It’s that simple. We must settle ourselves in love, the love that God offers us, the love between us and God, the love between us and us. Without this love, this breakdown of antagonism between us and them, we cannot cure the spirit, or cure the soul, as Plato writes.

We may think that it would be a great deal easier to believe that if the world erupted around us, some savior will come down and offer, as evidence, the bloody scars in his side; and then set everything right again. This will not happen; we have free will as God proclaimed, and we must cure our own, before society can be re-aligned. We are strengthened by the presence of God on our side, but we must make the effort to strengthen our own spiritual selves to then strengthen society. We must give of ourselves, and then, give of ourselves, and then, give ourselves. We do not own the world; we all own the world. Until we realize that we are all equal in God’s eyes, and we are all blessed by His love, we will not have eternal peace.

We sometimes doubt that we can do this; but doubt is just a lack of faith, faith in ourselves, faith in others. Without this faith, we are not truly alive, not completely alive. The faith that is within us is strong; we must allow this faith to rise to the surface to live the way God wants us to live. We must allow our inner strengths to shine. As Jesus says in Matthew 5: we must let our inner light shine before all men, allowing them to see our good works, which glorifies our Father in heaven, our Father within ourselves.

Who knows how bright the light will be, if we allow our spiritual selves to shine.

God bless all my friends.

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