Love and Sharing Myself

samaritanLove and Sharing Myself

It is days like to day that convince me that I was made in God’s image of love and gracious charity. I am fortunate to be in a country where it is still free to live as I want, does as I want, and love as I want. This is a risky time for us, but I am sure that God will win the day. I had lunch today with a group of friends who are vegetarian in some way or another. I knew several people there, but I was welcomed as a beloved family member by all.

It is no wonder that I know that I, and all others, are created by a loving God who wants the best for all his children. I am one of those children, as are you. I love you, I respect you. I care not what religion you are, what political party you are, or what nationality you are. You are part of my family; this is all that matters. God took a great risk when he formed mankind. I must take a similar risk by loving all mankind.

I live for being in the kingdom of God. And, what is this Kingdom but the feeling inside us that we all belong to Him. We are family; we are loved; we love. Amen.

If we look; if we have the patience to examine the lives around us, we cannot help to see that all that separates us is evil; all that separates us causes suffering and darkness in our lives and can be and will overcome, but only if we succumb to the rule of Love; God’s Love.

I have recently become friends with several of the friends I went through high school with, while living in New Jersey. We do not agree on much; there are times when I read their posts on Facebook when I want to attack them with violent words; but I cannot do that. They have their thoughts and beliefs; I am mine. We must love and respect our differences. It is what family does.

I know that when God is in my heart, I am standing in a garden of love and beauty.

I stand with my friends; those I know, those I have yet to meet.

Have a beautiful beloved day – you deserve it.

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