A New Day – A New You


A New Day – A New You

 The following is a mediation on David Whyte’s poem, “What to Remember Upon Waking.”


We waken each morning, a new creation of God, a newborn crying for attention, carrying all the stresses from prior ages, prior thoughts.

This new creation opens our thoughts to our desires to be something we are not, or truly, deep down, do not want to be.

At one point in our lives our grandparents, then our parents, our spouses and loved ones, and then our children and grandchildren advise us with well-thought ideas, planning our lives for us, how to live according to these plans. We are judged by our loved ones, and by our deeds, based on such mundane concepts of productivity, earnings, or status. What we are born into, what others prepare for us, or what we accomplish means little, a very small outlook when we awaken with the limitations placed on us by others. It is no wonder that our lives are filled with stress, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction with these products of our being.

Our lives seem to be infinitely smaller that the tiniest grain of sand, trampled by hurried feet on the shores of life.

There is, however, another path to walk. Imagine shedding your clothing, your outer shell, walking naked down a forest path, noticing smells you never did before, hearing the cacophony of noises in the trees, and noticing the beauty of the forest all around. We can awaken to this new world, a new sunlight permeating our existence, absorbing what God places before us. This new creation opens us in a world of the beauty of God’s gifts.

What we see, hear, and touch passes from God into our inner core, our hearts, to enjoy in every, everlasting way. The love that God shares, as we awaken, can seep into our pores, offering a newly-created world filled with love, a love that surpasses the well-expressed intentions of our loved ones. We are newly created on these mornings each time the Sun rises, expressing a newness through an unharnessed expression of love, turning the tables on these thoughtful loved ones.

This gift of life, this opening of love, glorifies God and all of God’s creation, allowing us to share the brilliance of a new-rising Sun that welcomes all to the newness of a loving life.



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