The True Meaning of Intimacy

intimacy with GOd 

“The Father loves the Son and shows him all that he himself is doing.” 
John 5:20

This passage from the Gospel of John offers a view of the view of that special relationship Jesus has with God. It is a relationship based on the deepest intimacy possible.

A married couple, be they heterosexual or homosexual, share a similar intimacy, an intimacy based on unfettered trust. This takes years to reach fruition, but when achieved the benefits for both members are immensely gratifying, providing a sanctuary for each member of the relationship to expose the ego to accept the strength that only this type of intimacy can provide.

Each person grows in self-assurance and in communally-responsible actions. Love for each is strengthened both within and outside of the relationship, offering the chances for that love to grow throughout the community, affecting each other and those around them. The support from one partner to the next assures each of the understanding that he or she is loved, respected, and cared for. Over time, this relationship grows into a bond that even death cannot defeat.

Throughout my lifetime, I have seen elderly couples face the realities of life and death with a strength that is unsurpassable. Is there fear? Yes, but this fear is not debilitating; it is accepted and the strength of their love and relationship carries each through this inevitable journey. There is both sadness and strength, love and disappointment. Tears of happiness and tears of loss. The relationship that these couples share is a thing of beauty and a thing of eternal strength and comfort.

This love is a direct reflection of the love God has for us. If we can be as Jesus is, we can share this same intimacy with God. Think of how terrific it can be, not only be trusting, but knowing that the relationship we have with God never, ever fails, never, ever is forgotten or placed on a shelf in the pantry only to be searched for in times of physical or psychological stress. The relationship we share with God is the most intimate and the most rewarding experience we can ever undergo. We do not have to wonder if God will be by our side when our semi-orderly lives get upset by societal interferences.

As with the special relationship with a spouse, our relationship with God never ends and is always in the forefront of God’s Love and comfort when we are troubled.

As with any relationship, this takes trust, at trust that is very difficult to build, at least on our part, not God’s. Many times, this can be much more difficult than forming that special unwavering relationship with our spouse. And, it can take a whole lot longer to build. Our society rears us with the necessity to question and distrust everything. But it need not be this way. Where the special relationship with a spouse involves two (sometimes) opposing viewpoints on many issues that get resolved over time, our relationship with God is instantaneous. Any hesitation is on our side, not Hers. If we listen with our hearts and not our ears, we can bypass years of indecision and distrust. I can only dream how different our world would be if centuries ago, we were entrusted with the knowledge that God is with us, not against us. That God is that special lover who cares only for our well-being, not anxious to punish us, as is written many times in the Bible. He is with us to support and nurture us, as Jesus is; as Jesus knew and teaches us. . . if we can only hear Him.

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