Who and What We Are


Who and what are we

I believe that we are created by an entity who made us in Her image, His likeness. Although our bodies are not perfect, our images are. What we sometimes forget is to walk the walk and talk the talk. We are to impressed by our own imagined importance to remember that we are all created this way, not just a few of us. We ignore the Christian teachings of loving our neighbor and we love ourselves. Or, perhaps, we no longer love ourselves. We are all creations of God, and therefore, we all deserve to revel in Her image.

To understand this fully, we must listen to what is right in God’s eyes. We must stop listening with our intellect and begin listening with our hearts.

Just because someone looks different from us, speaks a different language, or worships God, calling Her with a different name, we must accept that these others are not our enemies; they are our brothers and sisters. We need patience to fully realize these differences mean nothing.

One of my regular concerns and regular displeasures is that our leaders are more caring about what their own images are than what the images of the people who voted for them are. They forget that they are hired to work for us, not work for themselves. This bothers me . . . always. However, our leaders are also made in the same image as we are, and therefore we cannot treat them as if they are our enemies, even though it seems that they are. I am not passing the buck here, but when we continue to elect the same people year after year, no matter how well they perform, these people lose respect for us. They see that we elect them regardless of their performances. We get what we deserve. With the power that they have, and the seeming lack of interest we show in their performances, it is no wonder that they seem to be corrupt in all that they do. The fault lies with us. We must change to have them change.

Presently, we are on the precipice of a tragic future, both nationally and internationally. We are standing looking at a great divide between ourselves and others living around the world. We are not showing respect, to them or to ourselves. We blame them for our problems.

We are continually being subjected to mass shootings by people who are in no condition to own any gun, much less one that is designed to rip a body into an irreparable condition. This is what assault weapons do. They are designed to completely destroy, and/or immobilize, an enemy on a field of war. They are not designed to be owned by inexperienced teenagers who really have no idea what they are doing and what damage they can cause.

I am overjoyed to see the students in America rallying to bring awareness to our leaders that this has to stop. I am not confident they will listen, but I am confident that these students who are demonstrating today, will elect new leaders when they can vote in a few years. And voting is the key; they will vote, while we are often too lazy to stand in line to vote.

I despise the constant slaughter occurring on our streets and in our schools and churches. Stop pointing the finger at these mentally deranged people; stop pointing the finger at our leaders who are concerned only with their positions in government – power. Look in the mirror and then point your fingers. We get what we elect; we get what we pay for. Shame on us for repeating and repeating this over and over.

Personally, I turn to God for my own comfort; I pray that others will also. There are many who say that prayer does not work. I am living proof that prayer does work. God listens to my prayers. I don’t always get what I want, but I do always get what I need. Please notice the difference!   God acts among us only to the extent that we ask for his action and accept it with our hearts and lives. This is the secret of God’s intervention in history. Ask, believe; believe and ask. She will listen. She does not want us to fail. We can only fail ourselves.

We are made in God’s image; let’s act that way.

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