Love defeats Trauma


Listening to and reading the news is always a traumatic event, one that seems to be occurring daily. It seems that mankind is again forcing a calamity upon itself for no reason other than ignorance, or at least a lack of proper analysis. Or, better yet, a lack of sufficient understanding and love to carry us over difficult times.

None of us own anything that is worth killing or dying for. Selfish ownership creates hate. When we give up this thought of mine, not yours, we rely on love and goodness to enter the picture. This goodness does not depend on ownership. No one can own goodness; it is something that is freely given to us, and in turn freely passed on by us. Just as with

Gods grace, it is given, not earned. Every one of us is born with a pure heart, free of hate, free of racism. Every one of us begins to learn this at an early age. Whether we realize it or not, all whom we come in contact with help us keep hate and racism alive. This could be in direct actions, a misspoken word, or the selection in school for teams in gym or in the classroom. Some children are selected last only because the look or act differently than others. By passing this negativity on to our youth, we are all guilty of keeping this struggle alive in our society.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to put a stop to this regeneration of hate and racism. We need to give the next generation a head start on loving, not hating, on acceptance, not exclusion. The loneliest people I know are those who are incapable of loving someone or something other than themselves. Anyone who has truly loved another is never alone. For the one he loves is always present in his heart. He treats others with respect and dignity just because he loves another. Because I love, I am never without companionship. My love for one individual creates a fertile ground for me to love all whom I meet.

As with grace, as with goodness, this love is freely received and freely given. I pray that our leaders will step back from their closed minds if only for a chance for others to offer the gifts love and goodness.

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