Life Changes – Miscellaneous Musings

I think back on what Revelation says about death: Hades (the grave) is simply the place of the dead. I intend for my body to be cremated and my ashes spread on fertile dirt. Will this be will my grave, my Hades? No! and No! when my body dies, I will not; life never ends; it merely changes to another form, another existence, just like being birthed from your mother’s womb – new life begins.

I think of my life facing a ton of problems; some merely went away; others still confront me. Excuse me Paul Simon, but if there are fifty ways to leave a lover, how many ways are there to leave your troubles behind? Can we sneak out the back, Jack?

The answer is Yes! When and where there is life, there is hope, and when there is hope there is life. Furthermore, where there is life, there is Life. When we turn to Life, we cast off all darkness by entering God’s realm. I turn to God and am filled with a fresh supply of courage and determination; God returns my strength to me. I am his artwork. . . but only when I accept and embrace this do I get the full benefit.

Mortal life is filled with storms. But after the storms pass, a beautiful sunrise follows, refreshing all life in nature, refreshing the beauty of God’s Creation. How many times, Lord, must I suffer the hurricane to see the sunlight; how many times? But this is speaking as a mortal; when I speak as the spiritual man God created, I no longer fear the storms for I know what lies beneath; I know God is there as my protector. So when I face life changes, I turn to God knowing that I am on the correct path – His path. 

©Russell Kendall Carter

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