We are all God’s Spiritual Offspring

Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com

Like you, I am God’s spiritual offspring. We share a common bond; we are all perfect works of God. I say this with an open mind of understanding and faith; but I am temporarily disappointed with my reaction to a choice made by a relative, who is also a spiritual offspring of God.

I quote from 1 Peter5: “We all need a friend to share our troubles with. Someone to listen to our fears, cares, and worries (7).” We are all perfect works of God, and this relative, I will call him Eric, is as perfect as they come. It is just that he recently made a life choice which disturbs me. He is not as spiritual as I am, so I should be prepared for differences. I am a realist and understand that there are realities, very harsh realities, that we face as mortals. We cannot avoid these!!! Mortal life is sometimes dangerous and fearful.

I overcome my disappointment and greet Eric with all the love that God gives. The Holy Spirit blesses us with an invitation to recognize God in others. This is how God’s providence and Love unfolds in our spiritual lives and aids us to navigate the misfortunes before us.

©Russell Kendall Carter

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