Being Dreamers and Seekers

“I have a dream. . . that one day. . . !” These are famous words from a famous speech, words that are just as true today. I am a dreamer; I dream of a day when all of God’s children, regardless of color or sexual orientation, can live together in respect and love. I am a dreamer because I envision this daily in my periods of meditation. This is God’s will!

To be a dreamer is not just wishing for the unreachable dream. It is seeing the world that God created as He created it. This is a world of Love, Life, and Truth! We love as God intended, without hatred or prejudice, living an eternal spiritual life. We all are created of God from the Holy Spirit that always dwells within us all.

Being a seeker, I love walking with my back to the wind. The glorious breeze on my back is the Holy Spirit, clearing the air for me to breathe. I ponder some of the great questions of life on my strolls through and around God’s kingdom. I look at the wild flowers grow all over and wonder how they thrive without man pruning and watering. Then I remember that this is an outpouring of God’s Love. Jesus said to look at the tiny mustard seed and see how glorious it grows as a tree. This is the height of God’s Love and Grace.

I look at these two things and wonder why man does not step up and perform the same wonders. We are God’s greatest creation and yet the fruits of God’s Love are forgotten as we toil away in our mundane mortal lives, for getting that no matter where we are on our individual journey, God is there leading the way, comforting us when we fall. I ama seeker meaning that I am in the thrust of finding God in each direction I look for I know that the Holy Spirit is there allowing me to experience the beauty and grace of God’s Creation.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

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