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What a terrible word with a terrible connotation. Sin can have many meanings and many connotations. Even in the Bible, the words used for sin have a half dozen meanings from restlessness to transgression. Personally, I like the word alienation. That is, being alienated from the will of God. Although we are led to believe otherwise, none of these are really punishable by mortals, which is why I like alienation from God. This is a spiritual lapse of faith that God has the best for us.

We are born of the Spirit of God filled with His Life, His Truth, and of course, Love. There is no room in this package called spiritual man for sin. We are perfect creatures created by God. When we believe in sin, we deny the perfection of being created by a perfect God. God made us superior to evil, and if we follow this fact to its obvious conclusion, we attain the Wisdom that God graciously gives us.

God holds our hand as we navigate Life. For this, He has called us righteous, virtuous. Living the spiritual life as created by God, we are eternal, otherwise we are carnally condemned to ultimate death. Jesus walked the earth, healing and raising the dead; this is proof of God’s eternal life for us all. Jesus demonstrated that we are perfect creations of God and therefore incapable of this practice called sin.

As a mortal man, I find this very difficult to accept, but. . . when I am deep in my meditation time, communing with God and living in His realm as He lives in me, nothing but a life of perfection without sin is a very comfortable and welcome existence. As a mortal man, I know I am capable of this alienation, but as a perfect creation of God, I am truly a spiritual man incapable of sin.

©Russell Kendall Carter             

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