Joyful Light of Love

True joy is one of the blessed gifts from God, yet most of what we pursue are short-lived pleasures that are built on false dreams. Society teaches us that these tiny pleasures are what is important; the more we amass these, the happier we will be. I am not happy with these false promises. Without my spiritual awakening, I experienced little joy and light in my life.

Then I chose love and service; the joyful light of Life filled my heart and filled my days with God’s sweet beauty and glory; not my glory, but the reflection and sharing of God’s glory. My heart shines with the light of God’s Wisdom that we learned from the parables of Jesus. My heart projects God’s Love and Life.

God gives me all I need, and the more I give this to others, the more I receive.

When I receive and share the Wisdom and Life of God, I am comforted by His spiritual presence within me. This is the Kingdom of God giving me the power to share his love with others, healing them in their spiritual sorrow. Prayerful watching and sharing brings to me the armor of God’s protective light and I can accomplish my ministry in His joyful light of life.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter

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