Spiritual Devoutness of Pure Soul

Photo by Daniel Kux on Pexels.com

God’s perfection and purity reveals that man created in His image is also perfect. This is God’s Truth, for the Soul of spiritual man is created by God, belongs to God, and is therefore a pure part of the eternal God. My pure soul is a creation of our perfect God, as is yours.

Our Bible teaches that my identity is a reflection of God’s Spirit reflecting purity. My Soul, belonging to God, cannot reflect inferiority; if my mortal side does, I am sinning by allowing society to govern my soul. Jesus’s transformation allows me to renew my soul’s connection the that of God, the supreme Soul.

The limited short-sighted materiality of mankind and society try to convince me that theirs is reality; nothing outside of God’s Reality is pure and eternal. Mortal society pulls us to the finite and the temporary. God’s Truth, The Word, enfolds our spirits and souls into the eternal grace of Love, Life, and Spirit. . . God’s world.

 ©Russell Kendall Carter


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