Walking in Darkness

“people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined” (Isa 9:2).

I walk in the darkness that surrounds me as a mere mortal man. Yet I fear absolutely nothing, not even death. My only concern with deaths leaving Linda alone after our fifty-five years together, but I know she will be taken care of by our daughter, Megan.

I know that as I walk on the path laid for me by Jesus and God, I have nothing to worry about. Although I am in darkness, God lights a path, so I do not stumble. I am never deprived of the spiritual Life, Love, and intelligence needed to survive my mortal darkness. Isaiah 9:2 says it all; we are never taken from the lighted Wisdom.

Where is this Wisdom to be found? How can I, as a mere mortal, lift myself high enough to find this eternal Wisdom? The answers are simple. We don’t! God gives these to us freely; they are gifts of the Divine Love we are born to. It is our greedy, opportunistic, money-hungry society that dulls our senses to reality.

A short poem from my first day of Lent this year; it’s called Running, Running:

I know not where!

I know not why!

I am always running,

running from myself.

Knowing not that escape is naught

I fear Truth, for I am mortal;

I fear my mortal death for

I am running, running!

Not to, but from. . .

I fear opening the eyes of my soul,

for my training has been singular;

I am taught to succeed,

to attain wealth, not Truth!

Dear God, let me open my eyes

to the reality of Your Truth;

Your Life is real;

I need not fear;

no need not run. . .

when I walk to God.

This is the conundrum we face; it is the mortal, societal teaching that we must forget, for in reality, we have all we need by just opening our eyes to God’s Truth, as taught by Jesus.

©Russell Kendall Carter

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