Life and Death



Death does not shock us; it is a normal function of life. Life shocks us; the degradation, the oppression, the false promises. Death is lifeless; but we do not die in God’s world, where Love, Spirit, Truth, and particularly promise is all around us. This is the Spirit-filled life that the lessons of Jesus promise. God’s life is deathless, attainable through absolute faith and trust in The Word.

To be part of God’s Truth, our Spiritually minded existence is true eternal Life. As God created True Life, it became the original Man, eternal without end. Do not be confused about the end of mortal life; mortal life is not a part of His Holy plan. Death has no place in God’s True Life, and we attain this by walking in the Truth that Jesus taught. The lighted path of Jesus is with us always, before and after mortal life and death pass.

We see the mortal Jesus hanging from a cross, His flesh dying, as ours must; but He rose again, as we will also do, into God’s Truth and Life. Eternal Life is spiritual life. When we envelope ourselves in a moment of True Divine Consciousness, surrounded by God’s Love, we experience the presence of eternal Life and Love in God’s warm embrace.


©Russell Kendall Carter

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