Might, Power, Spirit

Are you hiding in camouflage; I know I do sometimes. I occasionally fear the insight I possess in my life; the Wisdom God shares. Rather than being proud of the Wisdom I have been blessed with, I sometimes fear its strength. I remind myself that it is not my Wisdom, but God’s; the All Mighty, all-powerful Spirit that possesses me, comforts me in my times of trial.

I surrender my ego to open myself to God’s world, and I pray that I can see the world as God does. Humankind is in a state of war; a war that at any moment could prove deadly to all living creatures; we must remember that this is not God’s world; God’s world transcends all horror, pain and death. God’s first and last word is Love; if we walk the path of Jesus, we need not fear.

We have moved from a two-year confinement in our homes to the realization that humanity is in danger of possible extinction; our stygian past is not our loving future, for God always brings comfort to those of us rejecting the status quo and turning to the power of Love. We do not hate; we do not condemn; we do not criticize, for God’s eternal Love is for all. We follow God’s plan, not man’s.

I see many people every day. As many as I see, I recognize the facial differences; this is humanity. However, I see each with an aura surrounding them, the aura of the Holy Spirit within each of us, glowing like the morning Sun, proclaiming “Here I am; I am a perfect child of God, created by His Love.”

The might, the power, the glory and the spirit are part of all. When we accept and recognize that, we are blessed to be part of God’s Holy Creation of Love. We do not fear! As we grow into God’s perfection, we are truly in God’s Heaven, which is all around us.

© Russell Kendall Carter


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