The Forever Gift

I’ll say it right now; our forever gift is Love!


Our most precious gift is Love; it begins with God, flows through our parents to us, then from us to others. Love is nothing unless shared. The more we give, the more we have. !!!What a Wonderful system!!!

Our most important relationships are those of love. Love keeps giving; Love brings us closer to God. God is always present, especially in times of trial. We are challenged not to love. Some people tell us we are foolish to love our enemies; and yet, if we do not love our enemies, if we do not ray for them, we are not doing God’s work on Earth. Prayer brings us to Love, prayer brings us to God.

Jesus teaches us that He comes to fulfill, not destroy (Matt 5:17). When we accept this truth, we also accept that intelligence and life are not of matter; they both are of spirit. The Spirit! This forever gift overcomes of our failures and troubles, including error, sickness, even death. Our bodies may die, but Jesus promises that our spirit lives through eternity. And is it not this that matters? As we reach for and learn God’s Wisdom, we learn the Divine Principle, we are of God, always.

For many of us we find this difficult to accept, but God makes it easy. We have two great resources to assist us on our path. The words in the Bible contain truth, but not always Truth! But it is a good beginning. We also have a great group to help us as we help them. This group is called our friends, and for many of us these friends are found in church.

Now, I have many reservations about church but only due to missteps in helping the average working man and woman. But when churches get this right, when churches direct their efforts to serving those that society has left behind, it is a most beautiful sight; it is serving God as Jesus’s teachers. Remember, this is what Jesus came to us to do also.

Our forever gift is all around us. I am blessed to share my perfect gift with all those I meet.                                

© Russell Kendall Carter


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