Help, I Need Somebody


I reported to Parris Island, South Caroline in February 1964. While I was there the Beatles came to the United States and had hit upon hit in the rock charts. I came home in late August and heard them for the first time, exclaiming how unique and great they were. My friends laughed at me and asked where I had been for the past six months. To say the least, I felt a little foolish.

One of their early songs was “Help.” The opening lines are: “Help, I need somebody, (Help) not just anybody, (Help) you know I need someone, help.”

Recently, I was discussing the Beatles with a friend. I said that both McCartney and Lennon were very spiritual and probably very religious. He laughed, almost a horse laugh of guffaw. I reminded him of Lennon’s Imagine, where he asks us to “imagine there’s no heaven.” I went on to quote Let it Be, “Mother Mary comes to me;” and Hey Jude, “Hey Jude (Jesus), don’t let me down.”

There are others in Rock with religious meanings also; one in particular: The Byrds, Turn, Turn, Turn, (written by Pete Seeger) taken directly from Ecclesiastes.

God surrounds us wherever we go, thankfully. Humanity is filled with worry; we do it all the time. But if we have faith, we can leave our despair behind us. Our fathers and grandfathers are calling to us, telling us not to fear trials and tribulations, for Jesus walks with us. God hears our worries and sends the Holy Spirit to comfort us.

Isaiah reminds us, “Fear thou not, I am with thee.”  So. . .

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of Wisdom. . .”


© Russell Kendall Carter


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