Hear My Prayer

I begin my daily meditations with a simple line, “Please God, hear my prayer; Wisdom, hear my prayer.” I rarely ask anything for myself. My thoughts are always on others. I do have problems; the same problems that all seventy-nine-year-old people face; but I will not ask something for myself; God always provides!

From my very first Sunday school lesson, I learned and believed that God is Love. And because God is Love, He gifts us Wisdom.

The more I age and experience life, the stronger and more important  

Wisdom is the Divine Feminine, the nurturer we all need. If we lack the Wisdom sent by God, we can be lost in a never-ending forest of confusion and grief. One way to avoid this is to meet God everywhere. If needed, and it is, our entire focus of life must be on God. He knows where we are; remember Jesus telling Philip that He saw him under the fig tree; this reminds us that we are never out of the sight of God.

Clothe yourself in God! Set your heart on the simple, the thin; find God within where He dwells. Lift your heart and mind above, not on earthly troubles. Have faith! Concentrate on your future; the past is gone. God will always be with you.

God, hear my prayer; Wisdom, hear my prayer. God of deliverance, You are always in my life; Your Grace and Love carry me through the day.

O Wisdom hear my prayer; O God deliver me to do your wishes.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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