Past and Future



Let us walk together in love and brotherhood; let us leave the past behind. The mistakes and errors of the past lead us through a door of remembrance to the future. We put aside those past deeds to renew our spirit of love and walk with the Wisdom of God who asks us just to be. He wants us to be ourselves, to be loving, to be and share goodness. To be in His presence, as He receives us, is one of the miracles of life.

God is forever; because He forgives our sins, we are the light of His world. With a renewed sense of consciousness, we are cleansed and restored, lifted by His will from our societal storms. We are like the oceans in raging storms. On the surface all is tempestuous with thunder and lightning, but deep below are still waters; all is calm within for there is where God dwells.

On this day, I pray that we receive a mysterious text reminding us who we truly are, allowing us to walk in a new direction firmly in the light of God. Our past is forgotten; our future is new and blessed.

© Russell Kendall Carter


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