My Father Loves

What does it mean when I hear that God loves me? God’s love for me never changes, and I am blessed forever. I know this because when I read the teachings and the life of Jesus, He always cared about people’s souls and bodies. And He still does. He tells me often: “As the Father loves me, so I love you.”

I know you understand what this means to me. God sees me wandering in my personal desert, hungry and thirsty for relief. He knows what I need; He feeds me with His cup of compassion and love. As I rise from my self-inflicted desert, I see the river of hope that God shows us, but only when we don’t follow our own plan; I am in my own desert only when God’s GPS is ignored.

When I turn back to God, my prayers are answered; I am held in God’s unchanging hands of love. God sees me weak with hunger for Love, Compassion, and Peace, all of which only God gives. God blesses us forever; as seekers, we accept God as our eternal sustainer of truth and love and life. . . all that only God gives.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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