The Lighted Path

We learn in John (1:38) that Jesus asks what we seek. I often ask myself that question. As Christians we seek the Wisdom of Jesus. We choose to seek God. Personally, I meditate and pray; I try to stay on the bright path Jesus teaches. It is not through my goodness that I live; I usually live in a weakened state of darkness, therefore seeking the light, God’s light.

I also immerse myself in love, God’s Love; this way is my delight, and it is pure love. My writing sings to God. I open my heart and arms to my fellow man. I do not turn away from him. Being a son of God I am tied to Christ forever. His word is absolute! His service to humanity inspires me to do what I can t serve others, to serve God.

Love is the best way to live my life; I strive to do this every day. I realize also that many of my brothers in humanity may not agree, but I love them anyway; neither of us is perfect, except in God’s eyes. This is what Jesus taught me.

Help me follow God’s lighted path. Help me celebrate our baptism in love; celebrate our lives in the enlightened Love of God. We are all tied to Christ forever!

© Russell Kendall Carter

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